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The City of Adams is located approximately 77 miles north of Madison and approximately 29 miles north of Wisconsin Dells. Wisconsin’s second and fourth largest lakes, Petenwell and Castle Rock Lake are within minutes of our city. These lakes, the beautiful scenic views and friendly community creates a wonderful place to visit or live!

Adams was founded in 1912 when the North Western Railroad arrived. We were a railroad terminal, located halfway between Chicago and the Twin cities. Railroad jobs brought in people and businesses. In just a few years Adams became so large the needs for services became apparent and therefore the residents voted to become a Village. As the years went on the Village’s needs grew even greater and in 1926 the Village became a City.

Since our origination we have been a Community of Progress. As we look into the future we have our eyes set on redevelopment. We are looking forward to reshaping our Main Street corridor to its highest and best form and capturing the full potential of Downtown as a community and commercial attraction

City of Adams upcoming meetings for the week of 11/23/15:

All Meetings held at: 101 N Main St., Adams (City Hall)

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One hundred and fifty years ago, Union Pacific Railroad began building west from the Missouri River to the Pacific Ocean, opening a grand frontier to immigrants who settled in existing communities or started new ones along the rail lines.

That bond between the railroad and early settlements has strengthened and grown. Today, Union Pacific serves nearly 7,300 communities where they live, their children grow up, and in which they recruit employees. From rural town to metropolis, they’re honored to have unique, long-standing community relationships.

As Union Pacific celebrates over 150 years of growing up together, they invite their valued civic partners to join in the celebration, by telling their histories through Union Pacific’s "Train Town USA" registry.

The Milwaukee, Sparta & North Western Railway, a forerunner to the Chicago and North Western (C&NW), completed a rail line through Adams in 1911. Union Pacific merged with the C&NW in 1995.

Adams celebrates over 100 years of this partnership, and to this day, the railroad is a big part of our community. The Employee Clubs contribute to local organizations and events. They bring in the Safety Train almost every year to educate the public, and the railroad is significant to our area economic development.

Our shared heritage is a source of pride as we remember our past, while serving and connecting the nation for generations to come. Thanks for being part of our journey.